1. What about splinters!?

No splinters, honestly! All of our products are sanded repeatedly to ensure a comfortable and smooth experience, therefore no  prickly accidents. However, if your dildo or buttplug  is dropped or knocked, please check for denting and damage before use. Once dented there is a chance of  splintering in which case we recommend that you refrain from using your dildo/buttplug.
We cannot accept responsibility for misuse.

2. Is my Wood Wang safe to use internally?

Yes, we treat our woods with a hard wax oil which is safe for use on childrens toys etc.
As is the nature of wood, it may need to be periodically refinished. You can purchase hard wax oil in any good DIY store.
If in doubt, pop it in a condom! Your dildo or buttplug is safe to use vaginally, anally or for clitoral stimulation. The Wood Wang Workshop cannot be held responsible for any unwanted reaction to finishes used at home.

3. How should I clean my dildo after use?

Whilst we do recommend that you clean your dildo, there is  no need to be vigorous in doing so. Just a quick rinse under a cool tap will do the job.
Please refrain from using detergents and abrasive cloths as these will destroy the smooth finish of your  toy.
Do not submerge your item in any liquid for prolonged periods.

4. Is it ok to use lubrication with my dildo?

Yes but we do recommend a water based product.

5.  What happens if I'm not satisfied with my dildo?

Your dildo will be sent out from the workshop in mint condition.
Due to the nature of this product we must stress that we cannot accept returns.

6. I understand my dildo will be made to order. How long can I expect to wait for delivery?

We aim to deliver within 28 days. If there is any delay we promise to let you know.

7. How do I pay for my order?

 You will be directed to a payment page when you checkout. We prefer PayPal because of it's simplicity.
 Just follow the instructions at check out.


8. Do you ship internationally and what are the postage costs?

 We ship everywhere except Canada and the United States.

We charge a flat rate of £5.00 on all orders which will be sent by Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery. This will require a signature upon delivery.

9. I don't want anybody to know what I'm buying. Can I count on your discretion?

Your order will arrive in a plain package bearing no indication as to who we are. Additionally, we appear on your bank statement as 'paypal*www'



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