For many years, since time began, human beings have sought new and interesting ways to titillate themselves.
It's inherent of our species to take pleasure from sexual arousal. We are in fact one of the few mammalian to use sex for recreation rather than just for reproduction.

It's unknown who was responsible for the invention of the dildo as we know it today but historians believe it originated in Asia.
Dildos have been discovered in China dating from 12,000 years ago!

It seems we're not fussy about the materials use to make them either. Stone, bronze, jade, ivory, wood, leather and even dried camel dung have been used to fashion sex toys through the ages.
Ancient Arabians and Polynesians were known to use unripened bananas for the same purpose.

No change there then, eh ladies!?

Even traditional wooden broomsticks were implemented for more than just sweeping the floor and 'flying'. It's said that Celtic women would concoct an hallucinogenic paste from roots and herbs, slather the handle of their broomsticks and pleasure themselves with it to ensure the fertility of the land.

Basically over time, any item that can be used to stimulate one's naughty bits, has been used for just that purpose and we at The Wood Wang Workshop say... Why not!? That many people can't be wrong, right?

'Masturbation: The primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century it was a disease. In the twentieth it's a cure.' - Thomas S. Szasz


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