Occasionally, we send our creations out to be reviewed by certified sex toy reviewers.  Their opinions are vital to the growth and progression of The Wood Wang Workshop.

Links will direct you to reviewers websites, where you can see what they had to say about the following products.

.MINI VIBE as reviewed by Boobaloo's Reviews.

'Wood feels different to any other material that I have tried unlike plastic or silicone it has a really nice warm feeling and even though it is solid it actually feels lovely and soft when it is been used.'
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.AMY as reviewed by Dr. Dick's Sex Toy Reviews.

'Our Amy is made from a wood I had never heard of before, Goncalo Alves. Itís so pretty and petite. Itís only about 3Ē long and about an inch and a half wide at its widest.'
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.CHUNKY RECTANGULAR PADDLE as reviewed by Dr Dick's Sex Toy Reviews.

Ours is made of cherry wood. Once I felt its heft, about 6oz, and fingered the braded rawhide wrist thong I knew Iíd be able to punish Kevinís ass in style.'
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.ROXY as reviewed by Dr. Dick's Sex Toy Reviews.

'When I hold Roxy in my hand I know that besides holding a beautiful objet díart I have something completely natural and organic that will be around long after I am gone. I donít know why exactly, but knowing that adds to the pleasure.'
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