Here at The Wood Wang Workshop we love to receive occasional feedback from you, The Wangers and Wangettes. 

Whether it be constructive criticism or all out praise we are only too happy to listen to your opinions.

Here are just a few snippets of what you had to say...

'We have 2 other paddles,one leather and one wooden, and can I say how superior your oval paddle is. The wood finish is nice and smooth,just like my wife's action,and delivers an impressive thwack that soon puts a shine and glow to my bottom.
A very satisfied customer.' ~
Rob, Staffordshire

'My two delightful dildos were safely recieved and are both lovely. The zebrano wood in particular is really beautiful and I'm sure it wouldn't look out of place displayed on a mantelpiece! They've clearly been carefully made by a skilled craftsman and I'm sure they'll outlast any hunk of plastic or silicone bought from a high street store, as well as being unique and natural works of art in their own right.
I'm only disappointed that I can't quite justify shelling out for one of every design!
Fingers crossed for a lottery win and then I can place a giant order with you.
I wish you all the best with your continued craftsmanship and your shop and thanks for the great service!' 
~ Name and address supplied.

'It was with trepidation that I used the WoodWang recently purchased. After only using dildos of a certain kind it was going to be interesting.
I was totally not prepared for how this perfect wooden 'toy' would feel. Something I had not experienced before.
Mind blowing is one way of putting it. I won't be going back to silicone again.' ~ Name and address supplied.

Very professional company, and excellent quality.  Never thought something so simple could be so erotic.  Have had so much fun and very satisfying, many thanks xx.' ~ Name and address supplied.

 Firstly, I was impressed with the speedy delivery, so thank you. I purchased the corset shaped paddle, I loved the colour of the wood, the finish was great (no rough jaggy bits) (I'm sounding like an expert, I'm so not!) The size and weight 'manageable' apparently and I think the ribbon, in particular in correspondence with the shape, is very pretty. :) Lastly, should I ever confess to another living soul that I have bought an item of this type I shall of course, highly recommend your website and your products. :)' ~ Name and address supplied.

'Thanks John, The Mrs loves hers, we was the first one you did. She tells all her friends. Have to get another soon lol. 10/10.' ~ Name and address supplied.


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